tiny i18n solution for tiny projects.


The i18n-render's structure is key -> translation dictionary. While the translation dict is locale -> text.

In short, i18n-render take a key to get the translation dict, then get translated text with locale.

Source Configuration

const source = {
  example1: {
    en: 'I can eat glass and it doesn\'t hurt me.',
    fr: 'Je peux manger du verre, ça ne me fait pas mal.',
    de: 'Ich kann Glas essen, ohne mir zu schaden.',
    'zh-CN': '我能吞下玻璃而不伤身体。',
    'zh-HK': '我能吞下玻璃而不傷身體。',
    jp: '私はガラスを食べられます。それは私を傷つけません。',
  example_image: {
    en: 'https://source-image.path/en.jpg',
    fr: 'https://source-image.path/fr.jpg',
    de: 'https://source-image.path/de.jpg',
    'zh-CN': 'https://source-image.path/zh-CN.jpg',
    'zh-HK': 'https://source-image.path/zh-HK.jpg',
    jp: 'https://source-image.path/jp.jpg',

// or
const source = {
  example1: {
    'en-US': 'I can eat glass and it doesn\'t hurt me.',
    'fr-FR': 'Je peux manger du verre, ça ne me fait pas mal.',
    'de-DE': 'Ich kann Glas essen, ohne mir zu schaden.',
    'zh-CN': '我能吞下玻璃而不伤身体。',
    'zh-HK': '我能吞下玻璃而不傷身體。',
    'jp-JP': '私はガラスを食べられます。それは私を傷つけません。',


  <p ir="example1">这是一段默认的中文</p>
  <img src="https://default-image.path" alt="" ir-src="example_image">
  <img src="" alt="" ir-srcset="example_image_srcset">
// import I18nRender from 'i18n-render';

const i18n = new I18nRender({
  pageTextLocale: 'zh',
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {


class I18nRender constructor

sourceObject<string, string>Translation dictionaries for various languages
localestringSet locale directly instead of auto detect
pageTextLocalestringIf your page already has text in a certain language, setting this parameter can prevent the re-rendering of this language, and you do not need to provide translation of this language.
fullLangTagbooleanI18n-render uses a short locale tag by default, such as en, fr, de, jp. However, languages can distinguish regions, such as zh-CN and zh-HK, which need two different translation versions. In this case, fullLangTag: true can be set, and the configuration items of the language will become complete modes, such as en-US and zh-CN

getLocale() => string

Get current locale of i18n-render.


Change to another locale manualy.

getText() => string

Get the i18n text of the target text with key


Render all i18n-render elements in page.

Browser support

The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

MIT License